Atlas Mountains

Explore the Atlas Mountains and spend the day with the Berbers with our Morocco day trips.

Houcine Hroura

Your private guide in Morocco.
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Price per person:
130 € for 2 persons, 10% for each additional person

Group size:
2 persons


Pick up at 9:00 am from your riad/hotel in Marrakech

Return around 5:00 pm at your riad/hotel in Marrakech

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Fascinating nature ✭ Berber villages


130 € for 2 persons, 10% for each additional person

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Most people living in the traditional villages of the Atlas Mountains are original settlers descended from Berbers.

Our Morocco day trip from Marrakech allows you to discover the traditional Berber lifestyle as it has existed for hundreds of years. You can explore the farmers markets with their abundance of organic vegetables, fruits and other goods as well as live animals. All kinds of more modern services are available, including outdoor hairdressers and even a dentist!

We will drive through the villages, stopping wherever you want along the way. You will taste mint tea, see the daily life of traditional Berbers, and have lunch in a Berber house in a village overlooking the Atlas Mountains. These lunches are generally voted by many of our clients as the best lunch of their entire stay, so it is well worth the experience!

The women's argan oil cooperatives, which offer real argan oil from individual local vendors, are not to be missed. The argan nut is endemic to Morocco and Moroccans have long known about the wonderful benefits of the oil extracted from this nut for daily use in cooking or cosmetics. Cooperatives benefit local vendors by helping to pay for their children's education. Don't be fooled by the inferior argan oil on the market - here you will find the real deal.

We also encourage you to bring small spare items of clothing such as gloves, hats, socks, shoes, and treats to distribute to the children yourself when you travel with us. Not only are you contributing to this historic and traditional way of life, but the children really love receiving gifts so you will see many happy faces!

Pick up at 9:00 am from your riad/hotel in Marrakech.

Return around 5:00 pm at your riad/hotel in Marrakech.

Exclusive: Lunch