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170 Euro for 2 persons, 10% for each additional person

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2 persons or more


Pick up at 8:00 am from your riad/hotel in Marrakech

Return around 6:00 pm at your riad/hotel in Marrakech.

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Sightseeing ✭ Beach


170 € for 2 persons, 10% for each additional person

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Essaouira, formerly known as Mogador, is one of Morocco's crown jewels, thanks to its unique charm, history and stunning coastal views. Although it is a small town, it is filled with many unique experiences, making it perfect for a day trip if you are looking for places to visit during your Morocco vacation.

Essaouira's microclimate makes it a perfect year-round destination, with mild winter weather and cool coastal breezes during the hot summer months, creating a tranquil place to relax after the noise and heat of Marrakech.

Whether you want to try your hand at surfing on the beach, stroll through the stunning architecture, or simply soak up the Moroccan atmosphere, Essaouira is a perfect choice. In the diverse medina, you'll find a variety of beautiful handmade goods - from traditional Moroccan furniture to delicious food and other souvenirs to take home. There is also a fantastic bakery that we will visit if you want to stop for a cake or two!

On the boardwalk, you can explore the rich architecture of different cultures and visit one of the many fishermen selling a variety of freshly caught fish. They'll even prepare it for you to eat while you wait.

If you want to give back during your stay, it's worth visiting the Women's Argan Oil Cooperative, where women process the argan nut by hand into the versatile argan oil. This oil is very hard to find in its purest form outside of Morocco, as many countries blend it with other oils for profit. These cooperatives produce and sell only genuine argan oil to help fund families and children's education. When you shop there, you are getting 100% argan oil and creating additional opportunities for Moroccan locals.

Essaouira is also known and loved by filmmakers and directors. Its stunning architecture has been the ideal backdrop for films such as Orson Welles' Othello and the television series Game of Thrones.

Essaouira is also home to the famous four-day Gnaoua World Music Festival, packed with bands playing everything from traditional folk music to rock and funk.

With its beautiful beach, dozens of waterfront cafes, and many unique stores offering an array of hidden treasures, Essaouira is a perfect day trip for everyone.

Pick up at 8:00 am from your riad/hotel in Marrakech.

Return around 6:00 pm at your riad/hotel in Marrakech.

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