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Beauty of Morocco

Have you had enough of dreary everyday life and stressful obligations? 

Has it been far too long since your last vacation and are you already dreaming of some time off? 

Then it's time to make your dream of 1001 Nights  
in Morocco come true! 

Feel the magic of the desert! 

From the popular sights to hidden insider tips and an unforgettable camel ride in the Sahara, every trip and every day trip is well prepared by us - the team of "Beauty of Morocco" - and can still be customized at your request. 

Experience the beauty of Morocco with us by your side

Morocco round trips

A round trip through Morocco gives you the opportunity to experience the many facets of this country just within a few days.

Yoga travel

The yoga adventure begins in Marrakech, Morocco's red pearl. During the trip there will be enough time to practice yoga and meditation.
You will experience a magical desert landscape, silence and peace as well as beautiful starry nights in the middle of the Sahara.

Travel to the Sahara

Experience the south of Morocco including an overnight stay in a camp in the middle of the dunes of the Sahara. You will drive through overwhelming landscapes over the High Atlas with its mountains over 4000 m high into the desert with its dunes and bizarre rock formations. You will pass through Berber villages and get an insight into desert life.

You can spend your time in the desert with camel rides, trips by 4x4 or quad. The proposed trip starts in Marrakech, but can be booked from any starting point in Morocco.

Day trips from Marrakech - memories forever

Discover the most beautiful places in Morocco starting from Marrakech!
From sightseeing to nature adventures - in just a few hours' drive you will experience Morocco's highlights:
world heritage sites worth seeing, Berber villages in the diverse Atlas Mountains, fantastic beaches on the Atlantic coast and fascinating desert landscapes.

Celebrate the beauty and magnificence of Morocco!

We show you how!

We create an unforgettable journey that will touch you deeply and have a lasting positive impact on your life.

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